Guia turistica de Jaen Peru-Turismo en Jaen,Cajamarca

Jaén de Bracamoros, is the gateway to the North-West and one of the most beautiful and prosperous territories of Northern Peru because of its strategic location on the Peru-Ecuador border, its close proximity to the coast and the Amazon, its agreeable climate, and the hospitality of its people. Indeed, for these reasons and many other many others, including its culture and traditions, the fertility of its soil, the quality of its coffee, the immense biodiversity of its natural areas, and its excellent landscapes, it is, and will continue to be a point of pride for Peruvians.

Huamantanga Forest
Jaén Bike
Located only 3 hours from Jaén, the Huamantanga Forest constitutes one of our provinces small ecological paradises, hosting a diversity of orchids, birds such as the “gallito de las rocas”, and mammals such as the “oso de anteojos”, among others natural attractions...           
Rediscover the beautiful Jaén valley by bicycle accompanied by Jaén’s best cyclists. Forget your worries for a few hours and accept the challenge..       
Hermógenes Mejía Solf Regional Museum
Expo-Foto: Jaén Tierra Generosa
This important museum in Peru’s North-West is located in the 4th of June Institute in the marvellous Jaén valley. For more than 35 years it has been protecting and defending the patrimony of Jaén and its surroundings..              
Expo Foto es parte del proyecto de difusión turística y cultural emprendido por el Prim´s Hotel. La muestra explora aspectos tradicionales, naturales y culturales de nuestra provincia. Ingreso Libre!
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